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This is a new utility wear label that was inspired by the karate "kimono" that the designer, Kozaburo Akasaka, has worn since his childhood.
The new classic wear fits the lifestyle of the 2020s or even further into the future, regardless of generation, gender, body shape, or race, based on the spirit of "Enryu" ( harmony and coexistence of individuals). As daily wear, workwear, or sportswear.
The three-dimensional silhouette created by a pattern design that takes into account the body's structure is lightweight and foreshadows resistance to weightlessness, and each detail that can be customized by the wearer offers infinite possibilities, even for everyday wear.

WAVE OF SAND T-shirts with hand painted artwork by artist [Satoshi Ito] on top of the original print. Each T-shirt has a slightly different feel due to the hand print.

Satoshi Ito
Born in 1991, lives and works in Tokyo. Psychedelic culture, Japanese culture, tribalism, haunting, folk beliefs...he reinterprets these elements. He expresses himself through live painting, silk-screening, and exhibitions, with the motto "to complete a thoughtful piece by making full use of paint, effects, analog prints, etc." He is currently working on a new project, "Psychedelic Art," which is a new interpretation of these elements.

Cotton100%, Made in CHINA
Please note that there will be ink splashes and other stains due to the hand-painting process. Please be sure to check the images before purchase.

Size details

Size (cm)
2 Shoulder width 49 Body width 54 Sleeve length 21 Length 70
3 Shoulder width 52 Body width 56 Sleeve length 23 Length 73.5

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