LOOSEJOINTS "TOMOO GOKITA - 'dance muzak' Sweat Pants" TQS

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Creative label and platform established in Tokyo in 2005 by editor Shun Sato.
It freely crosses the media it produces and releases according to the occasion, from magazine editing, advertising production, T-shirt labels, and exhibition planning, to CD and 12-inch record releases. His diverse field and his collaboration with artists such as Tomoo Gokita, EYE (BOREDOMS), Naohiro Ukawa, ILLDOZER, SKATETHING, and WANTO, with whom he has close relationships, have earned him a favorable reputation. After a sudden short break (being stoned...), the brand is back in January 2019.

"TOMOO GOKITA - 'dance muzak' Sweat Pants" TQS
New sweatpants for the 23SS season. 8.7oz sweat fabric 8.7oz sweatshirt fabric.original body.
Tucked in the front, they have a stylish silhouette that differs from regular sweatpants.

Tomoo Gokita
Born in Tokyo in 1969. He startedout as an illustrator andwasinfluenced by the American subculture and underground of the 60s and 70s, and his works were inspired by the magazines and photographs of the time. Since then, he has focused on black-and-white portraits painted with acrylic gouache on canvas. In 2020, he will hold a solo exhibition "GAMEOVER" at MASSIMODECARLO inMilan.
He has
alsopublished many books, including "Shuffle Railroad Shoka " (2010), "777"(2015), "Holy Cow " (2017), and "PEEKABOO"(2018) .

100% Cotton, Made in CHINA

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MWaist 66~90, Inseam 68, Width 34.5, Hem 14
LWaist 72~96, Inseam 70, Width 35.5, Hem 15

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